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Wisdom Wellbeing 
Balanced Life Therapies 

Supporting strong mothers and their children through times of overwhelm.

Regain your balance and rediscover your spark.


Welcome to
Wisdom Wellbeing

Change Your mind...Change your life

Hi, I'm Sarah and I help overworked, over-stressed, and overwhelmed women to find the reasons for the lack of balance in their lives, and help them create a roadmap so that they can move forward.

Working in partnership with me, you will learn new tools and techniques, and develop a new mindset that will help you to become more calm and in control, improve your self-confidence and help you feel like yourself again, or like the 'new you' you've dreamed of.

I would love to have a chat before you book for your first appointment, so that we can find out more about each other and develop a plan just for you. Get in touch and find out how my unique mix of therapies can help you live your best life.

How can I help?

With a positive mindset and the perfect plan, the solution becomes clear,

and your life will start to change.

I combine elements from Hypnotherapy, Bach Flower Essences, parent coaching  and more in a unique and powerful way to enable you to understand the underlying issues, improve your mindset and make lasting changes so that you can take back control, step back into your life with renewed resilience, calm and purpose, and move forward with confidence and positivity.

What Clients Say

Success and support beyond belief. Yes, honestly! Not only has Sarah enabled me to examine my self-sabotaging habits, but to let those go and put new ones in place. I’m eating - and drinking - in ways that benefit me, and I’m applying that outlook to all areas of my life. As a result, I feel brighter and better.



"There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook,
peace of mind and inner happiness"

Edward Bach

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